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This Place is Yours is a storytelling project that celebrates the human experience. The launch book captures this essence, with beautifully honest personal narratives in writing, art and photography on topics ranging from falling in love, experiencing domestic violence, regaining happiness after the loss of a child, enduring depression and so much more.

The project's aim is to bring conversations of joy and hope into the same dialogue as those of pain and sorrow, so that we can all become a little more open, honest, connected and empathetic with one another. We’re here to embrace creativity, vulnerability and conversations that matter.

Notable authors include artists Jeremyville, Julia deVille and Bridge Stehli, photographer Cybele Malinowski and musician Ben Lee. There are notes throughout the book encouraging readers to share their own stories on our website, thisplaceisyours.com.

We hope that through this book, readers will reflect on the personal experiences that have changed them, and become inspired to express them in their own unique, creative way.

Here's a review of the book from Yen Magazine - http://www.yenmag.net/artery/book-club/this-place-is-yours/

This book is the product of a crowd funding campaign. From June to September 2012, we raised more than $12,000 to create a launch book. It is 112 pages and 100% environmentally friendly. It was printed locally in Victoria.
We launched at VIVID Sydney in 2013 with an event that brought people together through the art of story, and we hope to host many more gatherings in the future.

You can choose to buy the book for $20 or you can choose to grab the book plus donate some of your spare change to our organisation, so that we can continue to bring you stories that matter. Everyone who buys through this site becomes a supporter of our project, and will be the first to hear about our news and grab discounted tickets to any of our events.

Australia-wide shipping is $3, international is $15. We now also have a digital copy of the book available for $10, which will be sent as a PDF.

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